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Effects of excess moisture continue to impact our producers, as the RM of Dauphin has also declared a state of Agricultural Disaster.

This follows the recent announcement from the Mossey River RM that also acknowledged the damage seen in their area.

In the release, Reeve Ernie Sirski noted the excess rain piled onto problems caused by a big early season melt.

"It wasn't just one snowstorm, there was at least 2 that I remember, and if I'm not mistaken, there were 3 in March that hit. A lot of that moisture didn't run off, as the ground wasn't very frozen. it went down."

Sirski was also concerned about the rising tensions and stress among producers, hoping there could be amicable interactions with his staff and constituents.

" A lot of us involved in Municipal politics live agriculture. Not just crops and livestock, but every other aspect of it as well. And you know, the thing that doesn't help is coming up and yelling at councilors or managers or staff. Using foul language doesn't help any. We understand your situation, all we ask is a little understanding on the way back."

The release requests the Province initiate a financial assistance program for all those affected, possibly even seeking federal assistance as well.