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Dauphin's high school is announcing some changes to next week's parent-teacher interviews.

Instead of having the meetings just take place in individual classrooms, they'll now all happen in the school's gym

DRCSS Vice Principal Lesia Jensen says the new system will help foster a better community approach to learning.
"There will be individual tables set up to maintain confidentiality, but the format will also help facilitate team meetings, impromptu meetings, and general flexibility to meet with any of the school staff and administration."
The hours for parent-teacher interviews will also be a little different.
"Thursday evening hours will now run from [5pm to 8pm]. Friday's conferences will run from [9am to 1pm], which will allow for parents to come in during their lunch hours."

Jensen advises all attending parents to call DRCSS ahead of time so they know which parents would like to speak to which staff members.

As an added bonus, Jensen says free bannock and soup will be served during next Thursday's meetings.