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A brand new retail store is coming to Dauphin.

Shoppers Drug Mart Ltd. has taken out a City of Dauphin building permit and they will be building a new store in Dauphin. The store is set to be built at the former Village Mall which is located at 1430 Main Street South.

"We like to see growth in our community, not growing or declining is a negative," said Martijn van Lujin. "Growth is always a good thing and this is what we do."

The building will be roughly 15,000 square feet and it will employ up to 30 people. The cost of the build is estimated at roughly 2.45 million dollars.

"We are very actively promoting Dauphin and we are putting great packages together," ended van Lujin. "We have some other businesses coming down the pipeline that haven't been announced as of yet, but they will. This really is an exciting time."

Construction is scheduled to begin later this year.