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The RCMP Held a press release to convey details about 5 suspicious deaths that led to an investigation recently in southern Manitoba.

Inspector Tim Arsenal took to the podium at 2 for this announcement, where he said that one Ryan Howard Manoakeesick, aged 29 of Carman, Manitoba is accused of 5 counts of first degree murder.

Manoakeesick was arrested in the deaths of all 5 individuals, and it's been discovered that he was known to the victims.

It was found that Manoakeesick was a common law partner to the oldest victim, a 30-year-old female.

It was also found that the three children killed in this incident, aged 6 years, 4 years, and 2 and a half months, belonged to Manoakeesick and the 30-year-old female.

The 5th victim, a 17-year-old female found at the residence in Carman was discovered to the the niece of the 30-year-old female, and all individuals were living together.

Autopsies are taking place both today and tomorrow, and the investigation continues.