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The newly hired Games Co-ordinator for the 2024 Manitoba Summer Games is no stranger to Dauphin.

Bryan Mintenko arrived in Dauphin back in November and has already fallen in love with the city.

"Usually I have traveled here for Countryfest and other events in the past.  I love the Northgate trails system - I am an avid mountain biker, hiker, and trail runner so I love the trail system that they have here now.  And I know that they have a very strong volunteer base from organizing the Ukrainian Festival and Countryfest and hosting provincials and other that"

Mintenko brings a wealth of experience to the position.

"I organized the 55+ Games in 2018 while I was the Recreation director in Glenboro.  I worked for Manitoba Soccer for many years which involved organizing provincials and nationals, and became involved with the Manitoba Games at that time as well.  And then most recently I traveled to Northern Alberta and I was involved with the 2022 Arctic Winter Games that was held in Fort McMurray."

One of Mintenko's key responsibilities right now is starting the process of recruiting the roughly 1,000 volunteers needed to stage the games, which go from August 11th to 17th in Dauphin.