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Young Winnipeg Man Killed in Two-Vehicle Crash

Possible contributing factors into a fatal collision on Highway 16 are being investigated.

An 18-year-old man from Winnipeg was killed in a collision between a transport truck and another vehicle near Macdonald, northwest of Portage, on Sunday night.

Investigation shows the vehicle, driven by the 18-year-old, crossed the centre line and struck the back end of the transport trailer.

Alcohol has already been ruled out as a factor.


Election Campaign: Monday Recap
More promises are being made as the campaign continues for the April 19 provincial election in Manitoba.

On Monday, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari said her government would run deficits longer, avoid tax increases and impose spending caps on health care and social services.

She also outlined a fiscal plan showing how her party would pay for $143 million in promises made so far -- ranging from new child-care spaces to northern food subsidies to a sales-tax reduction on haircuts.

Conservative Leader Brian Pallister said if he becomes premier, he would more than double funding for post-secondary scholarships and bursaries, adding the program would be cost-shared with matching private donations.

NDP Leader Greg Selinger said if his party is re-elected, they would cut the cost of ambulance rides and hospital parking fees.

The ambulance fee promise matches a promise already made by the Progressive Conservatives.
Beaver Ending Winnipeg to Selkirk Bus Service
It's the end of the line for bus service between Winnipeg and Selkirk provided by Beaver Bus Lines.

The company posted on its Facebook page that it will be discontinuing the service as of July 1.

The company blames decreased ridership and rising expenses.

Beaver Bus Lines had already reduced the service to just weekdays in an effort to cut costs.
Hijacked Flight
The president of Cyprus says the hijacking of an EgyptAir plane isn't connected to terrorism, but may have something to do with a woman who lives in that city.

The plane hijacked while on a domestic flight in Egypt was forced to land in Cyprus where most passengers were allowed to get off.

Four crew members and three passengers remain onboard with the hijacker.