Dauphin has become the latest Canadian municipality to become a partner in the "Look, Listen, Live" Community Safety Partnership Program overseen by Operation Lifesaver Canada. 

The program sees special decals installed at key railway locations, in order to remind people to be situationally aware around crossings.

In Dauphin, the decals - which are yellow and feature a black silhouette of a train as well as the words "Look, Listen, Live" - have been installed on the sidewalks leading up to the railway crossing on Main Street. 

The goal of the program and the signs is to prevent tragic crossing incidents by making pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers more aware of the need to be vigilant around railway crossings.

There were 159 collisions at railway crossings across Canada in 2022, resulting in 14 deaths and 27 more being seriously injured. 

A total of 100 Canadian municipalities are taking part in the Community Safety Partnership Program since it launched in 2018.   

In a news release, Dauphin Mayor Dave Bosiak said the installation of rail safety decals at Dauphin’s busiest rail crossing is a small but meaningful change that could potentially prevent needless tragedies.