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MVSD 2016-17 Budget
Mountain View School Division has approved next year's budget.
The division is looking to spend just over $41.8-million for the 2016-17 school year.
Superintendent Donna Davidson says that's just a slight increase from the current year.
"The actual increase is similar to previous years. We tried to keep our overall budget increase just over the two per cent."
The increase is 2.61 per cent over last year.
With a reduction in funds coming in from the province, people whose property values have increased more than 13.9 per cent will see an increase in their property taxes. Homes with smaller increases could see their taxes stay the same, or even go down.
Dauphin Lake Golf Course Has New GM
There's big plans for the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort and a former Dauphin King is now a part of them.
Ryan Dreger is the new general manager.
He says his first day was yesterday but he's hoping to be a part of some of the changes happening to the course.
"As of late, no, I haven't been a part of it as much but I'm hoping to be. I've played a lot of golf courses-- Canada, States, everywhere. I feel like I'll have some input but if that's not my job that's fine."
Boh Kubrakovich says a lot of bush and deadfall has been taken out. He says it will be a presentable, clean course.
Air Canada Maintenance Deal
Air Canada says it has entered into an aircraft maintenance agreement with the Manitoba government that is expected to create at least 150 jobs in the province.

Under the deal, Canada's largest airline says it will help establish a Western Canada Centre of Excellence for aircraft maintenance by bringing to Manitoba three of its aviation suppliers and partners.

In return, the deal will help Air Canada avoid legal action related to the closure of Aveos Fleet Performance in 2012 after the airline pulled its maintenance work from the company.

The closure led to the layoff of 2,600 employees, including more than 1,700 in Montreal along with many others in Ontario and Manitoba.
Dental Complications Lead to Life Support for Winnipeg Man
The mother of a 23-year-old Winnipeg man says he's on life support after complications from having a wisdom tooth removed.

Angela Steele says her son, Mason Woods, had a wisdom tooth extracted on February 27th.

Since then, he has had several surgeries, including one to have part of his skull removed to reduce swelling.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says it is devastated to hear about the situation but says all surgeries, including dental procedures, carry a risk of infection.