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The new RM of Dauphin council has been in office for nearly five months, and they're really starting to settle in.

Five of the seven members of the council, including Reeve Ernie Sirski, are new, and that comes with some changes says Sirski.

"I have some learning to do, and I can honestly say I have not learned everything yet, but it's been interesting, it's been fun. I've gotten to know the staff, I've got to see how municipal politics and municipalities in general work."

Sirski says that having the mix of two incumbent councillors, Ron Ryz and Midge Sametz, and four new councillors, Tammy Koshowski, Todd Buguski, Ken Shewchuk and Ken Plustwa, has been great for the council.

"The two incumbents are great because one of them is the former Reeve, and the other incumbent is the former deputy Reeve, so they bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table." says Sirski, "The other thing that the new people bring is a new bunch of ideas as to what we can do as a municipality, and how we can move this municipality forward."

Sirski says an important role for the new members of the council is to learn why things are done the way they are and help move the community forward.

"Dealing with hands on municipal stuff is a little different, but we're there to serve the people, and that's what we should do. So there's no real surprises, just learning the system of municipal politics."