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Scimar, a Bioscience company in Dauphin has been making some revolutionary discoveries as they've found what's being called "the missing link" in type-two diabetes research. 

Mick Lautt, CEO of Scimar, spoke with us about the groundbreaking research into the mechanism behind type-two diabetes that the company has been working on.

"What we discovered was that there is actually a hormone that comes from the liver, that we've named Hepatalin, and it works alongside Insulin, and together, Hepatalin and Insulin are responsible for nutrient partitioning, the long-term storage of sugars in fats and muscles. Insulin is doing about a third of that partitioning and storing that glucose into fat, whereas Hepatalin is responsible for two-thirds of partitioning and it stores its portion in muscle."

The discovery of the hormone Hepatalin is one of the largest breakthroughs in diabetes research since Insulin was first discovered in 1921.

The results of these findings have already led to 3 products that could help hundreds of millions of people with type-two diabetes, and preventative solutions are also a very real possibility.

Mick hopes to see a future people can take their health into their own hands, and where type-two diabetes no longer has to exist. 

 "We do not want the next generation of kids ever needing to take one of our products. We want to solve this problem in this generation. It's a big ask, but just because something is hard doesn't mean we shouldn't be trying to do it"

The Bioscience Association Manitoba awarded Scimar with the Emerging Biotech Company of the Year award, and the research this company has been doing is well deserving of an award.

To learn more about the incredible work of your local Biotech company, you can visit Scimar's website for a full overview of their work.