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February 6th to 10th, 2023, is known as Teacher and Staff Appreciation week in Manitoba.

Superintendent and CEO of Mountain View School Division, Stephen Jaddock, recognizes the work that gets put in every day by the staff the school division employs.

"We just want to thank everyone who plays a part, on a daily basis at Mountain View School Division, ranging from our employees out in the division office, to our crews who work on maintenance, and all of our operations and education coordinators that work tirelessly to make sure that we have a successful school division here in Mountain View", said Jaddock.

The division has schools in 7 communities in the Parkland: Dauphin, Ethelbert, Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Ochre River, Roblin, and Winnipegosis. No matter where your children go to school, they can probably recall a time when a staff member went above and beyond for them.

"We have teachers, educational assistants, and secretaries, going out of their way just to make individuals feel better. Whether it's getting a band-aid for a child hurt at that school, or whether it's somebody waiting for the parent to arrive to pick them up just so they're not alone", Jaddock recalled.

Mountain View School Division employs over 500 people.