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A Manitoba-based staffing agency is helping Ukrainians find permanent work in Manitoba.

Myrowich Staffing agency was started in September by Mark Myrowich, who had been hiring staff for his manufacturing company when he realized there were so many Ukrainians looking to come to Canada and work, with no way to get connected to employers.

"I'm a manufacturer in rural Manitoba, I started hiring Ukrainians, and then they just kept coming, and they kept wanting to work for me, and it got to the point where I thought, you know, I'll start giving some resumes to some friends."

Myrowich says there wasn't the same connection that he had with them, and when one of his employees offered to start selling some items online for him, he suggested the staffing agency instead.

 "He thought that was a great idea, and with all the Ukrainians coming to Canada and Manitoba there was a disconnect, so we kept going, so I've been hiring Ukrainians since May, but getting into the staffing agency at the end of September."

Since its inception, Myrowich has connected around 50 Ukrainians with jobs, and that doesn't include 40 more that Myrowich has working for him.

Myrowich says that he realized there was a talent shortage in Canada, and so many people looking to move to Canada from Ukraine. He started connecting other businesses with Ukrainians looking for work, and the agency was born.

"So, we created a website where Ukrainians could upload their resumes, and I'd say about 70 percent are in Manitoba, and 30 percent are coming to Manitoba. They've heard about us, and they want to get jobs before they come to Manitoba, and a lot of them are sitting in Europe waiting to have jobs before they get here, it's difficult for them to find the right connection. That's the sweet spot where our staffing agency comes in."

Myrowich staffing has two websites set up, is for businesses in Canada looking to be connected with the right employee. The other website is which provides a place for Ukrainians looking to come to Canada to connect with the agency and upload their resume.

The Myrowich Staffing Agency staff also helps people that apply with their resume and categorize potential employees into the kind of work they're qualified for, so it's easy for employers to connect with them.