The provincial government's looking for feedback on its Agricultural Crown Lands Program, and Manitoba Beef Producer (MBP) is hoping producers in the area will participate.

The survey is open until Friday, and it's a great opportunity for producers to bring issues to the forefront. MBP General Manager Carson Callum says it's an issue that producers have been facing for a while.

"This has been a contentious issue for MBP and many of our members over the last number of years since the modernization was put into effect, you know, a lot of detrimental changes happened. Really the current minister is looking to fix the issue."

This survey was going to be the main focus at the MBP District 13 Meeting that was postponed on Monday so Callum wanted to get the word out to producers before it was closed. That meeting has been rescheduled for November 7th at the Rotary Arena, and producers can register for it here.

"The deadline's looming here pretty quickly, so folks need to get their paper copy or do it online by the 28th. I strongly encourage folks that haven't taken part in it to do so, we need our voices to be heard, and we need as many numbers in the area of this particular topic to fill out the survey."

Callum says MBP is also available to help people out with the survey if they need a hand, as they know many producers live in areas with poor service.

"It's on the Engage Manitoba Website. We also have information posted on our website as well, and we encourage folks who have trouble filling it out online, they can call us at the office and one of my colleagues would help folks go through it and fill it out. Sometimes the Engage Manitoba Website can be confusing, especially if you're in a rural area with not great internet service, so if anybody needs assistance to complete it online, please call us here at the Manitoba Beef Producers office."

The survey can be found here, and Manitoba Beef Producers can be reached at 204-772-4542.