Dauphin Recreation Services is hosting a Sod Turning Ceremony for the first phase of Maamawi Park tomorrow. The ceremony's taking place at 1:15 at the old Dauphin Brewers Diamond, where the park will be built.

DRS Assistant General Manager Lindsey Kyle says they're focusing on making sure the park is accessible to everyone who wants to use it.

"Maamawi Park is about reconciliation, so our goal is to make it a space that everyone feels welcome, and everyone can come and attend." Says Kyle, "Whether it's learning different languages, learning different arts and culture, that sort of stuff, we have big dreams for the park."

DRS was hoping to have the first phase of the park, which is the Co-op Family Toboggan Run, complete by the winter but continued wet weather has pushed back the start of the project, making a completion date uncertain.