The province has made some amendments to the list of essential products that can be sold in-person at stores in Manitoba.

Gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and newspapers are back on the shelves, as they were added to the list of essential items on Saturday afternoon.

This follows a decision last week by the province to expand the red level restrictions, with Dr. Brent Roussin noting too many Manitobans are gathering or shopping for non-essential purposes, creating a greater risk to public health, and causing significant strain on our health-care system.

Only essential items can be purchased in-person in Manitoba, which includes things like:

  • personal protective equipment for the workplace
  • pet food and supplies
  • postage stamps
  • cellphones and cellphone accessories
  • parts and supplies for all types of motor vehicles and watercraft
  • major household appliances
  • hunting, fishing and trapping supplies
  • tools and hardware
  • materials for home maintenance, repair or construction
  • property maintenance products such as shovels.

Click here for the Manitoba Government's list of essential items for sale in-store.

Items deemed non-essential may still be purchased online, by telephone, or by delivery or curbside pickup.

Restrictions On Private Gatherings

The message from Manitoba’s top doctor has been that the province is at a critical point in the fight against COVID-19, and the new restrictions will “help limit social contacts and the opportunity and motivation for Manitobans to leave their homes for non-essential purposes.”

Manitobans must limit social gatherings to people who they live with, and those who live alone may designate one person who is allowed to visit their home.

There are exemptions that would allow someone to enter the home of another person:

  • provide health-care, personal care or home care services
  • allow a parent or guardian to visit a child who does not normally reside with that child
  • receive or provide child care
  • provide tutoring or other educational instruction
  • perform construction, renovations, repairs or maintenance
  • deliver items
  • provide real estate or moving services
  • respond to an emergency

The health orders also restrict Manitobans from gathering in groups larger than five people at any indoor or outdoor public place, with the exception of a health-care facility or critical business that adheres to health protection measures.