The Mountain View School Division (MVSD) has partnered with five other school divisions to deliver remote learning.

The Westman Consortia Partnership is made up of six Manitoba school divisions, working together to provide remote learning to K-8 students who, based on the advice of a physician, must be accommodated with an at-home delivery of classes.

MVSD Superintendent/CEO Dan Ward explains there is a relatively small number of students in the division that fit into this category, and so trying to hire 1 or 2 teachers to deal with a large range of grades could pose significant challenges.

Ward says that's why the MVSD is pooling their resources with the other school divisions in southwestern Manitoba and "essentially dedicating specific teachers to teach specific grades.”

There are three school divisions contributing teachers — MSVD being one them — while the remaining school divisions are contributing financial resources.

This means a child being accommodated with remote learning may actually be dealing with a teacher from another school division — something Ward says the Division is monitoring closely.

“It’s going to be important — even though your child’s teacher might be from a different school division in southwestern Manitoba — to ensure that there’s a strong relationship and linkage with their home school as well. So that’s part of the plan in terms of rolling out this consortia approach.”