The Gilbert Plains Splash Park’s field of dreams project was harvested yesterday.

After starting around 1:30 p.m., seven combines went to work on the 150-acre canola field, finishing up just after 4 p.m.

Cory Gulenchin, vice president of the Gilbert Plains Splash Park initiative, says it looks like a decent crop and revenue could be between 50 and 70 thousand dollars.

Gulenchin wants to thank all the sponsors and everyone who helped out with the field of dreams project.

Today, the Gilbert Plains Splash Park will be getting money from Co-op’s Fuel Good Day.

Gulenchin is thankful for all the support from the community.

“All this is huge, this project is huge and just to have the backing of everybody to see this project get finished. It’s just so amazing when you see so many people stick together and it’s really an amazing feeling to have that happen.”

10 cents from every litre of gas purchased at the Gilbert Plains Co-op Gas Bar today will go to the splash park.