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After 64 years, CKDM is just about ready to move to new digs.
Both the old and new CKDM offices will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week as we transition to the new building.
General manager Allan Truman says there will be some program disruption as well, particularly the bargain bin.
"The bargain bin is a program that, you know, the nature of it is a phone-in, and because of transition with the phones, the bargain bin will be cancelled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We're pretty sure we'll be able to return to regularly scheduled programming on Monday, as far as the bargain bin goes."
Truman says CKDM is hoping to open up at the new location on Monday, but we're going to try and update people on a day-to-day basis in case that changes.
CKDM thanks everyone for their patience during this transition.