The Fall semester is going to look slightly different for students at Assiniboine Community College (ACC).

In order to maintain physical distancing and comply with public health orders, students will study at a distance for portions of their programs.

Traditional on-campus learning will be “blended” with online learning models.

At this time, the College is outlining four broad categories of this “blended” approach: 

  1. Delivered entirely at a distance (off-campus)
  2. Blended learning with low on-campus attendance and only for essential shops, labs, skills
  3. Blended learning with low on-campus attendance scheduled in less than 50% of a program
  4. Blended learning with higher on-campus attendance scheduled in 50% or greater in that program

College staff say they will be in touch with every new and returning student by the end of June with information about their specific program and its blended delivery format.

Prospective students are still encouraged to apply to ACC, as there have been no substantive changes to the application process and associated timelines.

Assiniboine Community College has campuses in Dauphin, Brandon, and Winnipeg.