When it comes to entertainment lately, Cameron Campbell and his family have been the heartbeat of the Parkland.

Campbell, from Kinosota, is a musician who usually performs across the province. However, with everything being cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19, Campbell has had to be creative with how he performs and the solution he's figured out has been a massive hit. Campbell has done several Facebook lives over the past few weeks as everyone practices social distancing and staying inside.

"We're trying to show appreciation to our fans and friends as well," said Campbell. "We know people are staying home right now and we want to provide them with some entertainment. We want to give back."

Back on March 20, Cameron and his father, Eldon performed their first Facebook live and they did so for 61 minutes. The video was liked over 450 times and there were over 450 comments along with just less than 100 shares. The video was also viewed more than 5000 times. 

The family has also done several other videos over the past couple of weeks.

"It's been really awesome. Sometimes I see friends watching that I haven't heard from in a long time," continued Campbell. "I even see some friends from Jamaica, it's been really cool."

If you're looking for something fun to watch, you can check out all of Cameron's videos on his Facebook page. You can also stay tuned for new videos in the coming days and weeks.

"We're actually getting quite a few requests. We love doing this and it's easy to do something when you're having fun," added Campbell. "We'll continue doing this, there's no doubt, we're having fun so why not."

Campbell is also challenging other musicians to get in on the action and make their own videos. Or if you have another talent and you want to lift some spirits up, Campbell would love if you did.

"We just want people to do what they love and do it from the heart," concluded Campbell. "People are looking for something to do right now besides watching the TV."