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The Rotary Club of Dauphin and the City of Dauphin are behind a new bronze statue outside Dauphin's library.
The statue depicts two children reading a poem on a bench.
Library director Jean-Louis Guillas, who is a Rotarian, says it's public art that allows people to interact, and he thinks there will be a lot of that.
"I cannot wait-- we unveiled it this afternoon-- but I can't wait for the first school class to come down, because we have classes that come regularly, and they're going to be thrilled to see this."
Guillas says the Rotary club paid $10,000. Melisa Stefaniw with the City of Dauphin says the city backfilled the remaining cost to the tune of $13,000.
The statue was made by Studio West Bronze Foundry & Art Gallery in Cochrane, Alberta.