With growing cancellations and restrictions from the coronavirus, CKDM wanted to know how the Dauphin Correctional Center closure was being affected.

Co-founder of the Dauphin Correctional Coalition Group, Larry Budzinski says that with increasing COVID-19 concerns, moving inmates to other facilities is a risky decision.

“Right now, our biggest concern is that with COVID, if you’re going to move the prisoners into other already overcrowded jails, you’re really creating a dangerous situation. So we’ve asked the minister to respond to that.”

The coalition is avoiding any public gatherings and has been holding their meetings online.

Budzinski confirms the group has not stopped their efforts to reverse the closure.

“We’ve had some time to research ideas; we have some press releases we’re working on.”

He added that the timeline of the closure is unclear, and no announcements to delay the closure have been made.