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Take Action on Radon is a coalition of national health organizations and they’re working with the RM of Dauphin to give out 100 free radon test kits.

CAO of the RM of Dauphin, Nicole Chychota, says Radon is a naturally occurring gas.

“It comes from the ground and typically what happens is in the winter months, when your home is closed, radon can come into your basement and build up in levels that may be unsafe.”

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. The Canadian Cancer Society also reports that 1 in 4 homes in Manitoba have higher levels of radon than Health Canada standards. The Prairie Mountain Region is of higher concern as up to 41% of homes have higher levels of the gas.

Radon-related lung cancer is responsible for more Canadian deaths than motor vehicle collisions, house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and accidental drowning combined.

Chychota says kits are only available to RM ratepayers currently.

“We are requiring people to sign up for them in advance of our awareness event.”

If there are kits available a week before the November 5th event, they will open up applications to other municipal ratepayers.

A radon test kit has instructions on how to use it, but basically, residents pick a location for it, leave it for over 91 days, return the device and wait for the test results.

Homeowners should take action to reduce radon levels if they are high by consulting a certified radon reduction specialist.

If you live in the RM of Dauphin and would like a radon test kit, call 204-638-4531 or visit the Municipality for advanced registration.