On Sunday around 2:30 in the afternoon in Brandon, emergency services helped save someone who was walking along the outside railing of the southbound 1st St. Bridge.

The woman was on the Assiniboine River side of the bridge.

Sergeant Kirby Sararas says the crisis negotiator team trains heavily for situations like these.

She says showing empathy and using active listening skills is the key to helping someone through a crisis.

Sararas says they prepare the best they can for these types of situations with knowledge and having as many people as they can.

Members from the Fire department and emergency services were also there to stand by with both an ambulance and water rescue equipment. 

A family member of the woman was also on scene speaking with her. 

By 4:00 pm the woman started to fatigue and slip. 

She required the assistance of officers to pull her over to safety. 

The woman was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance where she was met by family.