New councillors for the RM of Dauphin are sworn in.

The RM held a ceremony last night where each councillor took the oath of office.

New Reeve Ron Ryz is looking forward to working with the new group of councillors.

“I told the other councillors that they got elected as individuals and now we are going to work as a team. The RM we have our team in place already. We have our crew that works outside. Then we have our office team. The ladies in our office are awesome. They get along very well. Then we have our council, and we’re going to be a team. We’re going to put all those teams together and basically form one great super team."

He says they have a lot of work ahead of them and that he’s quite excited about it.

“We had a lot of accomplishments that we did last term, and we’re going to build on them. When we meet with council we will determine what direction they are going to go and what we are going to do.”

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