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Former Winnipegger Randy Hiebert is still the band's lead guitarist and engineer.


In a business where talented singers are a dime a dozen, few reach their dreams of achieving a career that lasts for decades.  The Bellamy Brothers are an exception to the rule.  2015 marks 40 years in the music business for brothers, Howard and David Bellamy.  To celebrate their career milestone, the brothers are releasing Bellamy Brothers: 40 Years, a 2-disc set containing 20 rerecorded versions of some of their classic hits as well as 20 all-new songs.
"We hope our fans enjoy this new set of songs," says David Bellamy.  "There are a lot of great new songs but we also made sure to include newer versions of the songs that defined our career.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this compilation.  We enjoyed every minute of mentally traveling back through time to put it all together.  As they say, 'Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.''' 
The new compilation contains many familiar Bellamy classics including "Let Your Love Flow," "Old Hippie," "Redneck Girl," "If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)" and "Kids Of The Baby Boom."  The new songs, most all of which were written by David and Howard, contain that classic Bellamy sound of the yesteryear which ultimately made the brothers household names.
On the new tunes, David Bellamy notes, "Most of these songs are brand new but after listening to them, I think some of them could have easily been big hits for us earlier in our career.  They've all got that sound that has seemed to follow us over the years."
On 40 years in the business, Howard Bellamy reminisces, "This thing has been a wild ride but it's never been boring.  Over the course of four decades, we've done some amazing things and have traveled the world over.  Until the Lord calls us home, we'll continue this seemingly never-ending, awesome, wonderful, beautiful, 'jet lag journey.'  Here's to the next 40!'"
Bellamy Brothers: 40 Years will be available for purchase in stores and online (iTunes, on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.  Preorders are available now at
The Bellamys continue to keep the tour trail red hot, performing more than 150 live dates each year.  David and Howard are one of the most worldly-traveled acts in the history of country music.  They have performed countless tours overseas in more than 60 countries including India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Austria, New Caledonia and Brazil.  This summer, the brothers head back to Europe for several concert dates in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Former Winnipegger Randy Hiebert is still the band's lead guitarist and engineer.



Bellamy Brothers: 40 Years Track Listing:

Disc 1: The Hits

1.  Let Your Love Flow

2.  If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)

3.  I Need More Of You

4.  Redneck Girl

5.  Sugar Daddy

6.  Do You Love As Good As You Look

7.  Old Hippie

8.  You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie

9.  Crossfire

10.  Lovers Live Longer

11.  Dancin' Cowboys

12.  Crazy From The Heart

13.  When I'm Away From You

14.  Country Rap

15.  Feelin' The Feelin'

16.  I'd Lie To You For Your Love

17.  For All The Wrong Reasons

18.  Get Into Reggae Cowboy

19.  Kids Of The Baby Boom

20.  Jalapeños


Disc 2: The New Songs

1.  Dinosaur Wine

2.  Old Love Song

3.  Time Rocks On

4.  Dyin' Breed

5.  Livin' In Oblivion

6.  After The Storm

7.  Agave Blue

8.  Hippie Cowboys

9.  Heaven And Hell

10.  That's How U Roll When U Rock

11.  The Right To Be Wrong

12.  We Don't Call 911

13.  Love By The Moon

14.  Together We Have It All

15.  Barb Wire Fence

16.  Texas Girls

17.  Jet Lag Journey

18.  Boobs

19.  October Moon

20.  The Rock


About the Bellamy Brothers

For 40 years, the Bellamy Brothers have been an unassuming picture of consistency in country music, crafting honest, heartfelt songs that connect with millions of listeners around the world.  Howard and David Bellamy have weathered the changing trends of the music business admirably, enjoying enormous success throughout their career with numerous No. 1 hits on both the Pop and Country charts.  Evidence of the brothers' continued popularity today isn't hard to find.  In 2009 alone, "Let Your Love Flow" received the distinguished BMI Five Million Performance Award and was listed at No. 68 on their Top 100 Songs of the Century.  It was also prominently featured in the critically acclaimed AMC television series Breaking Bad.  The '70s smash even broke into the Top 20 on the UK Country charts again – 34 years after it was first released.