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This is a year of milestones for singer Sarah McLachlan. 

On Sunday, she will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards telecast. 

In July, she'll mark the 20th anniversary of her diamond-certified album ``Surfacing.'' 

The first time she performed some of the music from the album was on the Lilith Fair tour -- and it fell a little flat. 

McLachlan says no one knew any of the new songs so she had to quickly re-work her set list. 

She also says after all the recording, re-recording, mixing and fine-tuning the songs, she was pretty sick of the music by the time the album came out. 

But the Halifax-born singer says to this day, she still really enjoys playing all the songs, which include hits like ``Adia'' and ``Angel.'' 

McLachlan says she still feels an attachment to them, saying ``Surfacing'' has got ``great legs.''





John Prine will give insights into his music with his first book, ``Beyond Words.'' It includes more than 100 personal photographs, copies of his handwritten lyrics showing how the songs evolved, Prine's own observations about his music and the lyrics and chords for 60 songs. ``Beyond Words'' comes out April 18th. 





A musical is in the works based on the childhood of Pharrell Williams. The Hollywood Reporter reports the project will be called ``Atlantis'' and will be directed by Michael Mayer, who did the Broadway version of Green Day's ``American Idiot'' and won a Tony for ``Spring Awakening.'' The story is described as a ``Romeo and Juliet'' story about Williams growing up in Virginia Beach. 





Chance The Rapper would like to bring on an intern and Twitter is going crazy. Chance's offer, in its entirety, is, ``I'm looking for an intern, someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals.'' In four hours he got more than 16-hundred responses. Some people sent resumes. Some just said ``hire me!'' or ``I volunteer!'' Others asked if it was a paying gig. Still others sent pictures of decks or said they had experience putting up porches. 





The photographer who captured the image of Bob Dylan and his then-girlfriend walking down the streets of New York for the cover of ``The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan'' album has died. The New York Times reports Don Hunstein died of Alzheimer's disease March 18th in New York at the age of 88. Hunstein once said he had photographed Dylan and girlfriend Suze Rotolo in their apartment and wasn't happy with the results, so he asked them to go outside one freezing February afternoon. All he told them was to walk down the street. Hunstein also shot album covers for Dylan's 1962 self-titled album, ``Mirror Image'' by Blood, Sweat and Tears, ``Nefertiti'' by Miles Davis and ``Coal Miner's Daughter'' by Loretta Lynn. 





Adele calls her world tour ``my greatest accomplishment of my career,'' but she may not ever do it again. The New Zealand Herald reports Adele told the audience at her Auckland show on Sunday touring isn't something she's good at and she doesn't know if she'll ever tour again. In her words, ``Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable.'' Adele burst into tears as she told the crowd she toured because of their support. She says she wanted to do a world tour to find out why major artists spent months on the road. She admits, ``It's changed my life.'' She has four more shows to do, all in London beginning June 28th. 





The man who was arrested in connection with a shooting involving Fetty Wap has been charged with pistol-whipping a person, but not with the shooting itself. Court documents show Raheem Thomas was charged with hitting a victim in the head and face with a gun early Sunday morning outside a deli in Paterson, New Jersey. Three people were shot, but Fetty Wap was not among the injured. Investigators say Fetty Wap and several friends got involved in a heated argument with another group. Thomas owns a hip-hop promotion company and he posted a rap video on YouTube in January that dissed Fetty Wap. The extent of the injuries of the shooting victims is not known. 





Toronto rapper Drake is breaking records again.

His new album, ``More Life,'' has set a new record for the number of online streams from a single album in one week. Nielsen Music reports ``More Life'' had 385-million streams across all platforms in its first week of release. The previous record holder also was Drake. His ``Views'' album saw 245-million streams in one week last year. 





Tom Chaplin of Keane remembers the good old days when his favourite albums had interesting art on the cover and inside. Chaplin says in the digital age of music, record labels are making a mistake by overlooking that element -- but he didn't. For his solo record ``The Wave,'' Chaplin teamed with photographer Derek Hudson to create a photo for every song. Chaplin added his commentary and it's all available on his website at TomChaplinMusic-dot-com . Chaplin says the art adds an extra layer to the story he's telling on the album. 





Chuck Berry is back in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart for the first time in more than 40 years.

Berry's ``The Definitive Collection'' checks in at number 33 on this week's chart. The last time Berry had an album in the top 40 was in 1972, when ``The London Chuck Berry Sessions'' spent 20 weeks there.

It was propelled by his only number-one single, ``My Ding-A-Ling.''

Berry died March 18th. 





Zac Brown has a nice little souvenir from his time playing the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: a prize-winning steer. Brown and his wife were part of a group of six that paid 330-thousand dollars for the Junior Market Reserve Grand Champion steer. It was raised by 16-year-old Stock Martin of Hereford, Texas.

Zac Brown Band headlined Sunday's show. 





Johnny Rotten has weighed in on the political climate in the world and it's not quite what you might expect.

Rotten tells I-T-V's ``Good Morning Britain'' U-S President Donald Trump is ``a complicated fella'' but ``he terrifies politicians and this is a joy to behold.'' He says he dislikes American media trying to portray Trump as a racist, because he feels that's not true. He jokes he sees Trump as ``a possible friend'' because he imagines the quarrels they could have. Rotten, who is an American citizen now, says he is in favour of Brexit in his native U-K because ``the working class have spoke and I'm one of them and I'm with them.'' 


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