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Witnesses React to Saskatchewan School Shooting
Witnesses are describing a scene of terror at a school in La Loche, Saskatchewan, one of two locations being investigated in a mass shooting that claimed the lives of four people and left several others wounded.

Sixteen-year-old Noel Desjarlais-Thomas says when the shooter opened fire, he realized his friends were fleeing for their lives and telling him to run, too.

The teen says it was a blur of partial sights and sounds. He thinks he saw one of his friends fall to the ground after being shot, but isn't sure.

Sixteen-year-old Geordie Janvier says the shooter didn't see him, so he ran to a gymnasium dressing room, closed the door and stayed there for three hours.
Winnipeg Mom Sentenced for Keeping Kids and Dogs in Horrible Conditions
A Winnipeg woman has been sentenced to one year in jail for keeping her three children and five pets in deplorable conditions, including in a locked room filled with feces, urine and bedbugs.

The accused, who can't be named in order to protect the identities of the victims, pleaded guilty to several charges under the Criminal Code, the Child and Family Services Act and the Animal Care Act.

She was seeking a conditional discharge, which would have allowed her to maintain a clean record.

But provincial court Judge Ryan Rolston agreed with the Crown's request for custody
Calgary Woman Sentenced in Human Trafficking Case
A Calgary woman has been sentenced to eight years in a human trafficking investigation that was launched two years ago.

Court was told an 18-year-old woman was held against her will for several months and was forced to act as a sex-trade worker.

Police say she was befriended by Amanda McGee, who slipped drugs into her drinks and used the photos she took of her to extort her into participating in the sex trade.

Kathleen McGee pleaded guilty to trafficking, forcible confinement and several others charges.
Quilters in Steinbach See Rare Bobcat
A group of quilters in Steinbach, Manitoba, recently got a surprise not many people get to experience.

Barry Dyck, the executive director at the Mennonite Heritage Village, says the ladies were sitting in the quilting room when they saw a bobcat through the window.

Naturally, everyone got out their phones and snapped photos of the rare cat, which is not often seen in the province.

Janine Stewart, a human wildlife conflict management biologist with Manitoba Conservation, says it's rare for the animals to be seen in public as they are a solitary and secretive animal.

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