Dauphin, Canada

Ritz Machine Works from Dauphin are opening their first U.S. facility.

The company plans to open a 26,000 square foot facility in Cambridge, Minnesota.

 Ritz is currently moving equipment for the new plant and should be ready to start shipping product to customers by June 1st.

Adam Teeter, Director of US operations for Ritz Machine Works, says their new facility will increase their reach for new customers and help support the increasing demand here at home.

“This is only an addition to the business here at home. I think it’s important for everyone to know that this is not a downsizing of our Dauphin facility. Its growth and we are looking to utilize that U.S. facility to grow our capabilities here in Dauphin and not to detract from it.”

 Some of the products manufactured by Ritz include bus frames, air intakes, pollution converter devices, engine compartments and exhaust assemblies.