Dauphin, Canada

The City of Dauphin is focusing on a plan to build a new service road, from Reit-Syd Equipment to the Dauphin Veterinary Clinic.

The 425-metre stretch of road will provide access to build businesses in that area.

Mayor Allen Dowhan explains the project, and what they hope to accomplish: 

“There has been considerable interest by developers, in the portion on the west side of the highway, from Reit-Syd up to the Vet Clinic, and what developers are asking for is a service road.  We were in contact with the Department of Infrastructure, regarding the service road, and they said that due to budgetary constraints they could not build it this year, so we offered to pay for the service road that’s 425 metres.  And when the budgetary problems are corrected by the provincial government, we’ll get the money back.”

Mayor Dowhan also said the project will cost approximately $500,000 for paving, administration costs, contract tendering, and surveying the piece of road.

The construction is expected to begin in early summer and, depending on the weather, is expected to take one month to complete.