Dauphin, Canada

Yesterday Minister Rochelle Squires was in Gimli to meet with fishers, and to get a first-hand experience at commercial fishing in Manitoba.

She received feedback that the open market is working for fisheries to sell their catch.

Minister Squires talks about the feedback she is hearing:

“So the commercial fishers, that I spoke with, are telling me that they are seeing record high prices for whitefish, and whitefish certainly are more plentiful this year than, say, walleye.  For example, the nets that we pulled, there were two buckets full of whitefish, and we caught, in that duration, one walleye and one sauger.  The fishers are pleased because they have a really good market for those whitefish, and the price gap between walleye and whitefish is closing, and that is really good news.”

Minister Squires met with fishers after the recent news of four Interlake fisheries being out over $1 million, after trying to sell on the open market.