Dauphin, Canada
The mayor of Dauphin is very pleased about a major announcement for the city this week.
Brandon University will start offering some first year classes right here in Dauphin this September.
Eric Irwin says that will make it a lot more affordable for people in Dauphin to start university.
"The students can still stay with their families and get a part time job in Dauphin and go to school, just like the rest of the population of Brandon or Winnipeg. So it really helps level the playing field that way."
BU is hoping to get at least 25-30 people signed up for classes. As of right now, the school is looking to rent one classroom in Assiniboine Community College, but says if at least 100 apply, they will find additional space.
Irwin says, based on the response they got for the licensed practical nursing program, student interest in this initiative shouldn't be a problem.
"Both of the intakes we've done so far, there were well over 60 applicants for 25 spots. Whenever we've done a course in the past, the interest has actually been significantly larger than we anticipated. I guess we'll find out, but I'm pretty optimistic."

A public information session will be held at Dauphin city hall Thursday, April 7 at 6pm. Brandon University will lay out the plan for what they want to do this fall, but want to know what the community wants as far as classes and schedules go.