Dauphin, Canada
March is Pharmacists awareness month, and Manitoba pharmacists want to make the public and government aware that they can and want to provide health care services beyond traditional drug dispensing.
 Pharmacists are wanting to be able to have funds to be able to do smoking cessations consultations, order lab test, prescription renewal and much more.
Kate Storey, Dauphin candidate for the Green Party says that if their party is elected they would try to work with pharmacists to try and get these services funded for them.
"It's not about putting more dollars into things, it's about making better use of the dollars that are there now. Working with the experts, the pharmacists in this case, to make sure that the services are flowing well and Manitobans are getting what they need."
In Manitoba under the provincial drug plan, immunization is the only service that is funded by the government that pharmacists can do