Dauphin, Canada
Despite today's terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital, Mountain View School Division will still be going ahead with next week's scheduled European trips.
The division has four trips planned, including to France, Germany, and two to Italy.
Superintendent Donna Davidson says they're monitoring the situation in Europe, and they do not believe the kids will be at risk.
"We have been watching the travel advisories very closely, and we've been watching the situation in Europe very closely to see how things are evolving. At this moment, we have not yet cancelled the trips."
Even before the attacks, Davidson says the traveling students had been to several safety meetings.
"They've discussed, obviously, the importance around safety measures. Stay with the group, don't leave the group, you stay confined to the group. You be mindful and respectful of other peoples' countries and culture."
The division is keeping extremely detailed itineraries of exactly where the kids will be at all times, and they are available for anyone to see.
Davidson says she has yet to hear any concerns from parents.
She says all of the trips have at least a few parents going as well to keep an eye on the students and make sure they are safe.