Dauphin, Canada
The Progressive Conservatives continue to target health care during the election campaign.
Brian Pallister announced today that he plans to reduce emergency room wait times and will strike a Wait Times Reduction Task Force of front-line health care experts should his party form the next government.
Last week, Pallister said a PC government would cut ambulance fees in half. He made a stop in Dauphin on Friday to discuss ambulance fees and ask for support for his party and local candidate Brad Michaleski.
"There's one thing that's not caring, and that's charging people the highest price in Canada to get in an ambulance when they're in a time of need, in a time of pain, in a time of vulnerability," said Pallister.
As part of their announcement on reducing ambulance fees, the PCs said Prairie Mountain Health has the highest flat rate in Canada at $530.
Louise Stitt, regional EMS manager at Prairie Mountain Health, says they do have a flat rate of $530, but that's all-inclusive. She says some other regions may have a lower base rate, but will charge extras on top of that, like a fee per loaded kilometre.