Dauphin, Canada
Membership fees are changing at the Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce for the first time since 2008.
The Chamber had a deficiency of revenue over expenses of $8,461 in 2015.
Executive director Stephen Chychota says they can't just sit on their hands.
"We can't, you know, continue to operate in the next few years going at a rate that we're going, so (we've) definitely got to look at new revenue strategies and maybe some cost-savings and go about it that way," says Chychota.
Most member fees will increase by $10 before taxes, though the largest business fee bracket is being re-categorized, and will actually pay less.
The Chamber plans to increase fees gradually every couple of years.
Joanne Vandepoele said at yesterday's annual general meeting the fee increase needs to be part of an ongoing plan. She said they don't want to spring a big increase on members.