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The Westman High School Rugby League's Dauphin Clipper boys kick off their regular season at home this evening. They'll match up with the Elton Sabres.

Usually both the Clipper boy and girl teams play on the same day, but Elton doesn't have a girls squad, so it's just the boy teams on the field Friday.

In case you missed it last weekend the Clipper teams combined for a 3-1 record at the John Keogh exhibition tournament in Brandon.

Coach Jason Alf says it was one of the best weekend's the Clippers have had at the event.

"Ya I would have to say so. I know we had some offensive fire power on our girls team led by Monique Coffey, but I was happy we got some tries out of some girls that stepped up. On the guys side we won a game, and we were right in our second one. Two games on the same day took a toll on some of the younger guys, but they played really good and competed well too."

When it comes to the Westman High School Rugby League itself, Alf says the Clippers look good, but there will be some stiff competition.

"Girls and guys you can never count out Souris. That seems to be the team to beat year after year. Minnedosa does extremely well too on the guys and girls side. For the girls I think we're going to do really well this year. For the guys it's really hard to tell. We're missing a couple bodies for Friday's game against Elton. We just wanna compete and see how things go by the end of the year."

Game time Friday between the Clippers and Elton Sabres is 5:30 at the DRCSS for the boys. The Dauphin Clipper girls play their first game of the Westman High School Rugby League on Monday when the two teams head north to take on the Swan Valley Tigers.