The World Men's Curling Championships would have come to an end today in Glasgow. The event was cancelled due to the COVID-19; however, it was one year ago today that a Dauphinite had the chance to dance in front of fans at one of the top men's events in the world.

Shaylene Chartrand was 13-years-old when she joined the Asham Stompers as they performed at the world men's in Lethbridge at the Enmax Centre. 

The road to the world stage had been years in the making for Shaylene. She started dancing when she was about five.

"I'd like to thank Arnold Asham for the opportunity to express myself in dance," said Chartrand. "It's been great that I've come this far. It's a great experience that I get to travel all around and meet so many people that love doing what I'm doing."

Shaylene and the rest of the Stompers danced inside the famous "Patch".