McCreary's Jaycee Terrick and the rest of her foursome are heading to the High School Curling Provincial Championships later this month.

Jaycee, Kaitlyn Szewczyk, Zoey Terrick, and Lindsay Dunning will represent Zone 8 after winning the zone championships this past weekend.

"I'm really excited, especially because it's my last year," said Jaycee. "It's also Kaitlyn and Lindsay's last year as well so it's definitely a pretty big accomplishment. It's also my sisters first year on the team so it's special that we won this together."

The team went into full-on cruise mode. In their first game, they beat Gilbert Plains, 11-2. That was followed up with a 6-0 win against Swan River. Next up was an 8-1 victory against Dauphin. Terrick, Szweczyk, Terrick, and Dunning had to beat Dauphin once again to earn their spot and that's exactly what they did, by a final score of 10-2.

Allowing only five points in their four games really showed how solid of a weekend the team put together.

"I think we were just used to the ice, and we had a really good weekend," said Jaycee. "We came in really prepared and it worked out well for us."

The provincials are set for February 21-23 in Somerset. The foursome will now prepare to challenge the best curling teams in the province at the high school level.

"I think the biggest part for us going in is to just have some fun out there," said Terrick. "Even if we're down in a game, we have to stay positive. It's our first year going and we're just really excited for the experience."

"The biggest personal pressure was winning the zones this past weekend and that's what we did," she added. "This event gives us one more chance to curl together and we can't wait for that."

Jaycee is no stranger to having success out on the ice. She was a part of the Jensen rink that won the Manitoba Games last winter. That team went on to play in the U-18 nationals and although the team didn't do as well as they hoped they would, Jaycee still came out as a gold medalist.

She joined Braden Fleischhacker and the duo ended up winning the mixed doubles competition by winning five straight games in the single-knockout format.