With the North Central Hockey League's regular season wrapping up this weekend, the league handed it out its year-end awards and also named the three all-star teams. On the second all-star team is Grandview's Kaine Morran.

"It's pretty flattering that I'm still considered one of the better players in the league," said Morran. "It makes me think what I'm doing out on the ice is the right thing."

Kaine's put a very solid season together with the Comets. He's played in 12 of the team's games and has racked up 15 points (3G). Based on games played, Kaine has the highest points per game on the team.

"I think it just comes down to keeping things simple for myself," said Morran. "I'm not going to be the flashiest guy's out there but I will go hard into the spots that some guys maybe don't want to. I just need to keep my effort level up and keep my legs moving, and if I do that, I should find success going forward."

Morran and the Comets are ready to finish up their regular season tomorrow on the road. They'll head to Rivers (1-14) to play the Jets in what will be a massive game. Currently, in seventh place, the Comets could jump up into sixth place with two points against the Jets. 

Finishing in sixth would give Kaine and the Comets a more favourable first playoff opponent (Virden Oil Kings).

"If we can get everyone on the same page and get that effort level up, it would be a huge advantage for us going into the first round," said Morran. "We really need to play a full 60 minutes every game. If we do that, we can capitalize when other teams take a shift or two off."