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Dauphin resident Curtis Kaleta says the amount of support his family received in his Ronald McDonald House fundraising barbeque last year was "overwhelming" and he's hoping for strong turnout again this year.
Kaleta says he's put a lot of work into making tomorrow's barbeque a success.
"It's just overwhelming the amount of people who are now contacting me wanting to support the effort that we're doing towards the house. We've also arranged a few different things and hopefully the weather cooperates for some of them. Also Ronald McDonald himself will be coming out for the barbeque as well. It was a huge success last year and hopefully a bigger success this year."
Pat Battellino, special events manager for Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba, says 70 per cent of their annual operating expenses are raised through various fundraisers, and they appreciate the help they get from people who organize various fundraisers for them.
"These are actual third party events that we're kind of at arms length for. We pre-approve them, people can do things like car washes, barbeques, walk-a-thons and we help support them in terms of social media, any advertising that they may need, and whenever possible we try to come out personally and support that event."
Tomorrow's barbeque runs from 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy.
Another Ronald McDonald House fundraising event will happen in Dauphin later this year.
The "Red Shoe Crew" walk take place on September 26.