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There are several events taking place in the Parkland that Sopuck says he will be in attendance for.

"I'm definitely going to be at the Ukrainian Festival and Countryfest. I'm going to be at the Ste. Rose grad and I'm going to try and drop in at the DRCSS grad, those kinds of things. I'm also going to be in the Grandview-Gilbert Plains parade, so there's going to be lots of things going on in Dauphin and the Parkland area."

There is one announcement taking place this summer that Sopuck says he’s very excited for.

"We're going to having a fairly large ceremony in Riding Mountain National Park to kick off the first round of construction for the reconstruction of Highway 10 so I'm very excited about that. It'll be happening hopefully sometime in July. I gather the tenders have gone out, so we should be able to "break some ground" if you will in about a month or so."

When asked if this fall’s federal election had any impact on his plans, Sopuck says there won’t be any major effect saying he's always done largely the same things each summer since becoming an MP.