The Manitoba government announced Thursday that it would be providing $2 million to establish and operate a sobering centre in the city of Brandon.

Manitoba Justice Minister, Cameron Friesen, announced the funding for the Brandon Sobering Centre, which he said will provide a 24-7 short-term recovery space where intoxicated people can stay while sobering up.

"Sobering centres offer an effective alternative to police and hospital-based responses to public intoxication while keeping Manitobans safe. The Brandon sobering centre will provide a safe setting for individuals needing short-term recovery and support our government's commitment to improving the health and wellness of all Manitobans." 

The centre will allow a safe and secure environment for non-violent, publically intoxicated individuals to stay while the effects of drugs and or alcohol wear off.

The Brandon Police Services say they respond to over 1,000 calls annually where drugs and alcohol are factors in the episode. These incidents place significant weight on the healthcare and justice systems that the sobering centre will help with reducing.

For a more in-depth look at the announcement of Brandon's sobering centre from the province, visit the news release here.