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The Municipality of Roblin could soon become members of a pair of conservation districts in Manitoba.

Before January's amalgamation, the former town of Roblin and RM of Shell River were members of the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District, while the RM of Hillsburg wasn't in any district.

The manager of the Intermountain Conservation District, Jeff Thiele says they've met with the municipal council in Roblin about possibly adding the Hillsburg portion to IMCD.

"The east side of Hillsburg actually drains into the Valley River Watershed, which drains into Lake Dauphin. They would actually be eligible to join Intermountain Conservation District. That would be an expansion of our district, and we would be the largest conservation district in Manitoba."

A provincial spokesperson says because conservation districts are watershed based organizations, their boundaries often don't align with municipal boundaries, and wherever possible, the province works to align the districts over watersheds, and consider the watershed boundaries in the formation or expansion of any districts.

Twyla Ludwig, the CAO for the municipality of Roblin, says the preference of council is to have the whole municipality be completely in the Lake of the Prairies District.

"So that the whole municipality was under one conservation district, and the programs that would be available to the residents would be the same. The province is strongly encouraging us to split the municipality."

Ludwig says council will be looking more into the matter early in the new year.