Cary Fillion tells CKDM that provincial health officials have declared Cary Fillion’s Twin Motors a safe environment to continue doing business, after one staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee can’t be identified due to privacy concerns, but Fillion says he wants to share as much information as possible so the public is aware and can feel safe and confident in the community.

Staff at the dealership were informed about the individual's positive COVID test result on Sunday, August 8 — at which point Public Health investigated to confirm the individual was not in “direct contact” with any other staff members during their infectious period.

Fillion says public health determined the employee had their infectious period on Sunday, August 2, and Monday, August 3.

“Luckily for our clients and for our staff, Monday August 3rd was the holiday,” says Fillion.

He says the dealership has taken some extra measures in the showroom out of an abundance of caution, and adds that public health have confirmed the dealership is safe to be open, and added “more importantly, our staff was safe and clients coming into the store are obviously safe as well.”

Cary Fillion 1

Although public health said it wasn’t necessary, Fillion says several staff members have elected to get tested for the virus.

Cary Fillion says he also intends to get tested as a precaution, and says none of the other staff members have symptoms or had any contact with the individual during the infectious period.

“First and foremost we wanted to be transparent and upfront about what happened and what we want to do going forward —and to just make sure that everybody is safe and healthy, and that we do provide a safe and healthy workplace, and a safe and healthy place for clients to visit.”

Fillion says the staff member is at home feeling great and in good health, albeit a little bored.