The Manitoba government will be establishing five highway checkpoints to provide information to travellers during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

No one will be denied entry into Manitoba, but travellers will receive information about Manitoba’s current state of emergency and the need to immediately self-isolate for 14 days after travel within Canada or internationally.

This recommendation does not include:
•    the commercial transportation of goods;
•    workers who live in a neighbouring jurisdiction and travel to Manitoba for work;
•    health care workers who travel to work from outside the province; and
•    normal personal travel in border communities including visits to a cottage.

Where checkpoints will be located:
•    Ontario border:
     -  Trans-Canada Highway East (West Hawk Lake/Falcon Lake);
•    Saskatchewan border:
     - Trans-Canada Highway West (west of Kirkella/Elkhorn/Virden);
     - PTH 16 (west of Russell);
     - PTH 5W (west of Roblin); and
     - PTH 2 (west of Sinclair/Reston/Souris).

Checkpoints are expected to begin operation this week.