The federal government’s budget has plans to give money directly to municipalities.

Dauphin will see the impact of the government’s decision to increase the transfers of the municipal gas tax.

“Every municipality in Manitoba will benefit, including yours. You will receive 466 thousand dollars more in a onetime top up this year,” said Minister of International Trade Diversification Jim Carr.

The budget also promises to extend high-speed internet to northern and rural communities.

Carr says the government is determined to close the gap. “It will be that kind of investment that really does change people’s lives. When you can instantly access the world that’s out there it just positions us to have so much more knowledge and there for so much more capability.”

The government promises that by 2026, 96 per cent of Canadians will have access to high-speed internet.

On the canola issue with China, the federal government is treating the canola issue with China as a science-based issue. Carr says  Canada is pushing to solve the economically important problem, but China has yet to provide evidence to back up the claims.

“I understand the anxiety being felt by producers. We will take it day by day. we’re doing all we can to determine what the problem is or is not. We will continue to be very aggressive and working with officials at the scientific level to understand the nature of the issue.  And until they producer the evidence then there’s not much we can do about solving a problem they have not yet defined.”

Chinese officials allege they detected hazardous organisms in one of Canada's largest grain producer shipments.