Saturday morning around 9:40, Ste. Rose RCMP received a report of a missing 60-year-old man.

He had been camping at the Vakker Beach Campground on Lake Manitoba.

He was last seen in the evening on July 19th fishing in his boat out on the lake.

He didn’t return to his campsite and in the morning, local campers began a search for him out on the water.

RCMP Search and Rescue responded and determined the boater may have drifted across Lake Manitoba into the Ashern, Lundar area.

Manitoba Sustainable Development and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) assisted the RCMP in coordinating a land and air search.

Around 3 pm the JRCC found the boater through the air search and got him to the shore, where the RCMP’s search personnel met him.

The boater was in good spirits and didn’t sustain any injuries.