Manitoba Hydro is warning their customers of a new phone scam where recordings of customer service representatives are being used.

Hydro says that the “sophisticated” phone calls spoof Hydro’s number and use recordings of service representatives.

The callers will say your account is in arrears and then demand immediate payment. Hydro said that if a customer picks up the phone, the caller will pretend to look up their address and account and then attempt to arrange payment at non-Hydro locations.

If the customer misses the call, they may receive a voicemail that requests a call back at a different number.

Manitoba Hydro Spokesperson says that the company has received over 300 complaints and is unsure whether any money was lost.

He added that Hydro only has four numbers that customers should call back. Those numbers are 1-888-624-9376, 1-866-890-3856, 204-480-5900, and 204-480-5901.

Hydro does not accept payments over the phone, PayPal, using credit cards or from wire transfers and any request to do so should be considered fraud.

Manitoba Hydro confirmed it is working with Police to resolve the issue.