The snow on top of the Parkland Rec Complex has been leaking through the roof and causing some damage.

Operations Manager Wes Carneige says the leak started on the 20th and it came down in six or seven different spots from the roof to the main floor.

 “It actually follows the handicap ramp at the top leading into the CUP. That area and down right by our pool office.” 

They have reached out to their insurance company and are now in the process of ripping the damage out.

They will be putting out a tender to get everything repaired as soon as possible.

“When they come to do tear out of all the drywall and everything we’re going to be redirecting all the walking traffic for all the walkers and everything like that. if someone needs the wheelchair ramp, we will just instruct the workers that they have to be cautious and if someone is coming up  the wheelchair ramp that they  have to stop all work while they pass.”